Helen Brooks

PhD candidate at Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.
NERC-funded policy intern at CSaP (March-July 2018)

Helen Brooks is a second year PhD student in the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on sediment properties on salt marshes, and how variation in these properties relate to the resistance of salt marshes to erosion. This is particlularly important, as salt marshes are declining rapidly on a regional and global scale. However in many locations they provide a 'natural' coastal flood defence.

By undertaking the internship, Helen hopes to improve her understanding of how scientific research can influence policy, as well as the challenges faced in this process. She hopes to recognise these challenges from the point of view of the academics, civil servants and other policy professionals and to further understand how the process of knowledge transfer to policy works.

Before undertaking her PhD, Helen completed an Integrated Masters in Physical Geography at Durham University.