The Department of Geography is a flourishing and expanding academic community committed to the highest standards of research. The questions we ask, the philosophies and methodologies we draw upon, embrace the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities.


Professor Bill Adams

Moran Professor of Conservation and Development

Dr Harriet Allen

University Senior Lecturer

Professor Ash Amin

Head of department

Simon Billett

PhD Research Student

Dr Mike Bithell

Assistant Director of Research in Computing

Dr Michael Bravo

University Senior Lecturer

Helen Brooks

PhD candidate

Rohini Chaturvedi

Research Associate

Dr Amy Donovan

Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Hazards

Professor Julian Dowdeswell

Professor of Physical Geography

Dr Andrew Friend

Reader in Earth Systems Science

Professor Matthew Gandy

Professor of Cultural and Historical Geography

Ben Gardiner

PhD candidate

Dr Mia Gray

University Senior Lecturer

Professor Robert Haining

Professor of Human Geography

Professor Mike Hulme

Professor of Human Geography

Noah Isserman

Former PhD candidate

Dr Alex Jeffrey

University Lecturer

Dr Nigel Leader-Williams

Director of Conservation Leadership

Professor Ron Martin

Professor of Economic Geography

Dr Iris Moeller

University Lecturer

Jasper Montana

PhD candidate

Dr David Nally

University Senior Lecturer

Alasdair Neilson

PhD Research Student

Professor Clive Oppenheimer

Professor of Volcanology, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Professor Susan Owens

Emeritus Professor of Environment and Policy

Professor Sarah Radcliffe

Professor of Latin American Geography

Professor Keith Richards

Professor of Geography

Dr Chris Sandbrook

Senior Lecturer

Professor Richard Smith

Emeritus Professor of Historical Geography and Demography

Professor Susan Smith

Honorary Professor of Social and Economic Geography

Professor Tom Spencer

Professor of Coastal Dynamics

Dr Kendra Strauss

University Lecturer

Makoto Takahashi

phd student

Professor Bhaskar Vira

Professor of Political Economy

Professor Bhaskar Vira: Case Study

Professor of Political Economy, and Head of Department

Dr Liz Watson

University Senior Lecturer