Mr Ian Hosking

Senior Research Associate at Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge

Senior Research Associate, Engineering Design Centre, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Ian Hosking has over 20 years of experience of working in industry with a focus on the effective application of technology through understanding people’s needs.

He first looked at inclusive mobile phones back in 1997 for a major handset manufacturer. He led the team that conducted the ground breaking exclusion study for Vodafone which estimated that 9% of the European population over 16 is excluded from the most basic mobile usage. This work also identified key features that can significantly reduce exclusion. Ian is also one of the founders of Intrasonics Ltd and was instrumental in the invention of the technology that enables advanced mobile-media interactivity.

At the Engineering Design Centre at the University of Cambridge, Ian is responsible for promoting inclusive design in the UK as part of the KT-EQUAL programme. His interests include the convergence of inclusive and sustainable design, and he is currently working on the development of a National Complexity Index, which is designed as a national measure of "Sustainable Living".