Professor Ian White

Van Eck Professor at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Van Eck Professor of Engineering and Head of Photonics Research, Department for Engineering, University of Cambridge
Master of Jesus College

Professor Ian White's current research interests are in the area of high speed communication systems, local area networks using optical links, optical datacommunications, laser diodes for communications and engineering applications and RF over fibre systems.

He is Editor in Chief of Electronics Letters, and along with Richard Penty, co-founded Zinwave, a global provider of reliable in-building wireless coverage solutions. In addition, Professor White is involved in policy development and is the Systems theme co-ordinator of the Ultrafast Photonics Consortium IRC, which seeks to develop multi-terabit optical systems as well as Project Manager of the PHOTON project.

Professor White is the recipient of the Blumlein-Browne-Willans Prize from The Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Ambrose Fleming Premium Award. He was elected to Master of Jesus College, Cambridge in 2011, and is the former Chair of CSaP's Executive Committee.

His current research interests include

  • Photonics
  • Optical Communications
  • Lasers
  • Systems, technology and devices for optical telecommunications