Luke Roberts

Managing Director at Resolve Consultants Ltd

Managing Director, Resolve Consultants Ltd.

Luke Roberts is Managing Director of Resolve Consultants Ltd. His work focused on conflict resolution, systems change and sustaining innovation. He is currently completing his PhD in the sustainability of innovation in organisations when viewed as socially Complex Adaptive Systems. He is interested in the application of System Thinking and Complexity Theory to address multi-faceted and uncertain challenges.

He works across the private, and public sector helping leaders to understand their ecosystem and apply creative solutions to influence system change. Presently, in the commercial sector, he has worked with Slater and Gordon, to develop a new corporate function to manage their talent pipeline and culture change. In the public sector, he is working with prisons to implement new system states which enables safer and more positive outcomes long term. He is also advising the Youth Justice Board on tackling issues of youth crime from a systems’ change perspective.

Luke is passionate about addressing digital inequality and was the Lead Adviser to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Young People and Social Technology, and brought together a multiple sectors to inform MPs and Lords of the risk and opportunities in the digital economy.