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  • 21 January 2017

    The causes and consequences of climate change and prospects for our future

    In recent years we have seen weather records being broken more and more often with severe heatwaves, floods and other extreme weather around the world.
  • 7 December 2016

    CSaP welcomes a new member to its Affiliate Network

    The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at the University of Bath becomes the latest member to join the CSaP Affiliate Network.
  • 5 December 2016

    The future of cycling in the cities of tomorrow

    The replacement of driving with active forms of travel has the capacity to provide myriad health and economic benefits, says Dr David Ogilvie of the Centre for Diet and Activity Research at a recent CSaP event.
  • 5 December 2016

    POST launch Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme

    The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) has announced an Academic Fellowship Scheme, giving researchers from PhD to professor the opportunity to take part in projects of direct relevance to Parliament within the walls of Westminster.
  • 1 December 2016

    Testing times for evidence and expertise: what lies ahead for science and innovation?

    Will political events of 2016 provoke a fundamental rethink of the role of institutions at the intersection of science, innovation, expertise, politics and power?
  • 1 December 2016

    New Policy Fellows announced - Lent Term 2017

    CSaP is delighted to announce the names of the successful applicants, who will start their Fellowship next term.
  • 30 November 2016

    German universities launch science-policy Fellowship

    Inspired by CSaP's Policy Fellowship at the University of Cambridge, the Mercator Science-Policy Fellowship launched in Frankfurt last month, welcoming 18 new Policy Fellows.
  • 22 November 2016

    Worldwide Action Required for Global Youth Development

    The Global Youth Development Index (YDI) and Report, produced by the Commonwealth Secretariat Youth Division research team headed by CSaP Policy Fellow Abhik Sen, is the first of its kind to specifically focus on the state of global youth development.
  • 7 November 2016

    How can we use evidence to reduce poverty in the UK?

    What would it take to solve UK poverty? At a recent reception celebrating the new plan from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to solve poverty in the UK, CSaP Policy Leaders Fellow Julia Unwin spoke about the accomplishments of JRF during her tenure as Chief Executive, and the challenges and possibilities ahead.
  • 2 November 2016

    Strategic challenges for the health system

    The strategic challenges for the economic sustainability of the NHS was the topic of conversation at a recent CSaP Policy Fellow event held in the Department of Health