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Restorative Justice: pathways for the future

On 22 June 2015 the Centre for Science and Policy ran a workshop titled 'Restorative Justice: pathways for the future'. The event was organised in partnership with the Restorative Justice Council, the independent third sector membership body for the field of restorative practice, and the University of Cambridge's Faculty of Education.

What can History tell us about current health inequalities?

Professor Szreter used historical cases in Britain to demonstrate how the nature and scale of health inequalities within a society are produced by the social and cultural environment of values and incentives experienced by the rich, as much as by the poor (who are the usual focus of attention).

The benefits of play in middle childhood: what the research shows

On 9 April 2015 a workshop was held at the Faculty of Education and Homerton College to discuss what is known about the benefits of play in middle childhood.

Reducing poverty in the UK: what are the most important questions to answer?

Earlier this month, CSaP partnered with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to host a two-day workshop in Cambridge which brought together experts from academia, government and the voluntary sector to discuss the changing face of poverty in the UK.

Alcohol Policy Seminar Report

Report of the Alcohol Policy Seminar hosted by Cambridge Public Policy and the Hughes Hall Centre for Biomedical Sciences in Society on 21 May 2012.

Professional Development Policy Seminar for Health Scientists

On 3 May 2012 the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) held a professional development policy seminar, in partnership with the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR) and the Cambridge Institute of Public Health (IPH).

Policy Fellows announced for Easter Term 2012

The Centre has announced the first group of Policy Fellows for the Easter Term 2012, together with the dates of their initial visits to Cambridge in April, May and June.