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News during February 2012

Innovation management by global health entrepreneurs

This report was prepared by Sian Loveless. Worldwide there are 5000 deaths per day from Tuberculosis (TB), a disease that has been preventable through vaccination for 100 years, and that is treatable with antibiotics. Most of these deaths occur in ...

The Intelligence Stairway - why the future might not need us

Overly intelligent computers and robots could cause an ecological catastrophe marking the end of human existence. Not the plot of a science fiction film, but the warning delivered by Jaan Tallinn about the dangers of unmitigated technological advances in Artifial Intelligence, in the first CSaP Distinguished Lecture of 2012.

Monitoring volcanic gas emissions: From innovation to operational application

Report prepared by Tim Middleton. This Cambridge Public Policy Seminar was given by Dr Clive Oppenheimer, Reader in Volcanology and Remote Sensing in the Department of Geography at Cambridge University and head of the Cambridge Volcanology Group, on 3 February ...