Latest Projects & Publications

  • 13 April 2017

    Climate change adaptation and societal transitions

    Dr Clare Moran, CSaP Policy Fellowships Coordinator, has recently published a paper in Climate and Development, outlining a new research agenda for transformation from the perspective of the arts, humanities and social sciences.
  • 2 August 2016

    The Rothschild Report

    Visiting Research Fellow Dr Miles Parker is researching the 1971 Rothschild Report, and the impact it had on government research and development.
  • 15 June 2015

    Policy challenge: Data science

    The policy challenge on data science looked at large government datasets, and the opportunities and challenges that they bring.
  • 18 May 2015

    Climate Change: A Risk Assessment

    Should the risks of climate change be assessed in the same way as risks to national security or public health? Download our new report here
  • 12 May 2015

    Future Directions for Scientific Advice in Whitehall

    The first in a two-part collection of essays, Future Directions for Scientific Advice in Whitehall focuses on scientific advice in the United Kingdom. The collection was published following a series of seminars on that topic held in 2013, and was launched at the 2013 CSaP Annual Conference.
  • 14 April 2015

    Policy challenge: Ageing and public health

    The CSaP Policy Challenge on Ageing, in partnership with PublicHealth@Cambridge, investigated ways to develop a future vision of what an ageing society might look like, and the benefits to society.
  • 4 February 2015

    Future Directions for Scientific Advice in Europe

    The second in a two-part collection, Future Directions for Scientific Advice in Europe was published in April 2015 and updated in June 2015 to take account of developments in the European Commission.
  • 10 April 2014

    Policy challenge: Emergency behaviours

    The question of ‘how can government better understand how the public behaves in an emergency situation?’ was addressed in this policy challenge. You can download the report here.
  • 11 December 2013

    External Champion, RCUK Global Uncertainties Programme

    The RCUK Global Uncertainties programme is examining the causes of insecurity and how security risks and threats can be predicted, prevented and managed. The role of the External Champion is to support and enhance the delivery of impact from GU research.