Dr Emily So

Director at Centre for Risk in the Built Environment, University of Cambridge

University Senior Lecturer, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge
Director, Cambridge University Centre for Risk in the Built Environment

Emily So is a chartered civil engineer who has worked in practice, teaching and research for ten years. Her PhD research was on modelling of human casualties in earthquakes, examining current approaches to estimating fatalities and injuries and proposing ways of improving data collection and modelling techniques. She is an international recognised researcher in the field of human casualties in earthquakes and over the last four years, she has been on five post-earthquake field missions, assessing building damage and interviewing survivors of the events.

Dr. So joined Arup in London as a geotechnical engineer after completing her Master’s Degree at Imperial College, London, where she was a Queen's Jubilee Scholarship Trust (QUEST) scholar. During her six years with Arup, he work included geo-seismic projects and dynamic foundation analysis as well as general geotechnical analysis. In particular, she was involved in carrying out numerous site-specific seismic hazard and site response assessments in many countries around the world.

She joined CAR in 2005 and became a director in 2007, working with Robin Spence on the disaster mitigation and risk assessment services at CAR. She has contributed to insurance projects, examining loss estimation and casualties and assessments of uncertainties of losses due to earthquakes. She has also worked for the British Council and the British Red Cross, reviewing their designs and assets and has been involved in several EPSRC-funded projects assessing the impacts of earthquakes and also in monitoring recovery from disasters.

She was awarded the 2010 Shah Family Innovation Prize, given to younger professionals and academics for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of earthquake risk mitigation and management.

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