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Professor William Sutherland

Miriam Rothschild Professor in Conservation Biology, Dept of Zoology, University of Cambridge

Associate Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy

"We are interested in developing new ways of integrating science and policy and aim to change practice. CSaP, through their enjoyable events and extensive contacts, provides excellent opportunities to develop and test these ideas."

Professor William Sutherland is the Miriam Rothschild Professor in Conservation Biology, in the Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge. His research area is Population and Community Ecology, and he also has wide interests in conservation biology. He is especially interested in predicting the impacts of environmental change, particularly on bird populations. Some of this work combines field data and models while other work is purely based on field work. While much of his work has been in the UK, he has been involved in many projects elsewhere in the world and welcomes suggestions for collaborations.

Another major theme is using evidence-based conservation to collate experience of the effectiveness of interventions (via the website and then use this evidence to advise practice. He hopes that this will eventually revolutionise global conservation practice.

For Bill's tips to policy makers on interpreting scientific claims, see his paper published in Nature in November 2013 here.

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