Professor Neil Lawrence

Co-founder at Amazon Research Cambridge

Director of Machine Learning, and Founder of Amazon Research Cambridge
Professor of Machine Learning and Computational Biology, University of Sheffield

Neil Lawrence is a Professor in Computational Biology and Machine Learning jointly appointed across the Departments of Neuroscience and Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. He moved to Sheffield in August 2010 from the School of Computer Science in Manchester where he was a Senior Research Fellow, having previously worked in Sheffield in the Department of Computer Science and in Cambridge as a Machine Learning Researcher at Microsoft Research.

Neil's research interests are in in probabilistic models with applications in computational biology and personalized health, and in machine learning. He leads the ML@SITraN group, and is helping to develop an Open Data Science Initiative an approach to data science designed to address societal needs. His public interest articles are available through his Guardian contributor page.

Since September 2016, Neil has been on leave of absence from Sheffield, working at Amazon in Cambridge on machine learning.