Professor Jon Agar

Professor of Science & Technology Studies

Professor Michelle Baddeley

Professor in Economics and Finance of the Built Environment

Professor Andrew Barry

Chair in Human Geography

Alexandre Bish

PhD Researcher

Dr Alex Braithwaite

Senior Lecturer

Dr Jamie Brown

Principal Research Fellow; Deputy Director of Tobacco & Alcohol Research Group

Professor Jo Chataway

Head of department

Dr Ella Cockbain

Associate Professor, Security and Crime Science, Dept of Security and Crime Science

Dr D'Maris Coffman

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Professor Brian Collins

Director, International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF), STEEP

Dr Rory Coulter

Lecturer in Quantitative Human Geography

Dr George Danezis

Reader in Security and Privacy Engineering

Dr Delanjathan Devakumar

Lecturer in Public Health

Dr Miles Elsden

Honorary Professor

Dr Paul Gill

Lecturer, Department of Security and Crime Science

Joe Gladstone

Assistant Professor of Consumer Behaviour

Professor Michael Grubb

Research Director & Professor of Energy and Climate Change, Institute for Sustainable Resources

Professor Lord Julian Hunt

Emeritus Professor of Climate Modelling

Professor Dame Georgina Mace

Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystems, and Head of the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research

Professor Roger Mackett

Emeritus Professor of Transport Studies

Professor Virginia Mantouvalou

Professor of Human Rights and Labour Law

Dr Nils Metternich

Lecturer in International Relations

Professor Susan Michie

Professor of Health Psychology

Dr Natasa Milic-Frayling

Visiting Professor

Professor Read Montague

Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow, Institute of Neurology

Professor Henrietta Moore

Founder and Director, Institute for Global Prosperity

Dr Ruth Morgan

Senior Lecturer, Department of Security and Crime Science

Dr Steven Murdoch

Principal Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science

Dr Miriam Orcutt

Coordinator UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health; and Migration and Health Research Associate, Institute for Global Health

Dr Simon Parkin

Senior Research Associate, Dept of Computer Science

Rebecca Parrish

phd student

Arthur Petersen

Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy

Professor Serge Plattard

Space Domain deputy director

Professor Christopher Rapley

Professor of Climate Science

Professor Graeme Reid

Professor of Science and Research Policy

Professor Helen Roberts

General and Adolescent Paediatrics Unit

Dr Rachel Rosen

Senior Lecturer

Professor Peter Sammonds

Professor of Geophysics, Department of Earth Sciences

Richard Sandford

Professor of Heritage Evidence, Foresight and Policy

Professor Angela Sasse

Professor of Human-Centred Technology, Head of the Information Security Group, Director for Industrial Liaison, Department of Computer Science

Dr Susanne Schweizer

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow

Natalie Sedacca

PhD Research Student

Hannah Sender

PhD candidate and Project & Communications Officer, Institute of Global Prosperity

Dr Ala'a Shehabi

Deputy Director, Institute for Global Prosperity

Ian Shemilt

Senior Lecturer in Economics and Evidence Synthesis Methodology

Dr Aiden Sidebottom

Associate Professor, Security and Crime Science

Peter Singleton

Research Fellow

Dr Jack Stilgoe

Lecturer in Social Studies of Science

Professor Michael Thompson

Emeritus Professor of Nonlinear Dynamics

Dr Lisa Tompson

Associate Professor, Department of Security and Crime Science

Professor Philip Treleaven

Professor of Computing

Professor Megan Vaughan

Professor of African History and Health

Professor Jeremy Watson

Professor of Engineering Systems

Dr James Wilson

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Professor Jonathan Wolff

Professor of Philosophy

Professor Richard Wortley

Director, Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science