Pathways to Impact

CSaP can help you increase the policy impact of your research


CSaP works with researchers to help prepare 'Pathways to Impact' statements when applying for Research Council funding. We are able to support researchers by drawing on our thriving network of Policy Fellows, and established ways of bringing together policy professionals and academics, to increase the policy impact of their work.

CSaP offers the following services to facilitate pathways to impact

Policy Fellows

The CSaP Policy Fellowships programme provides a highly effective and well-regarded activity that delivers opportunities for decision makers from government and industry to forge useful and lasting connections with researchers. As part of our service, we are able to match Policy Fellows to your research project, providing an essential policy perspective on the work you do in order to maximise its impact. The standard cost within the Pathways to Impact section of a grant proposal of a Policy Fellow to be recruited to be associated with a research grant is £4,800, to cover CSaP time to identify the Policy Fellow and match them with a range of researchers.

Policy Workshops

Policy Workshops aim to bring the expertise of interdisciplinary groups of researchers to bear on relevant policy issues. Workshops are a tried and tested formula for bringing policy makers from across relevant government organisations together with researchers and others from industry, learned societies and civil society, allowing highly effective knowledge exchange and network building. The standard cost of a Policy Workshop is £4,800 including venue costs, catering and CSaP staff time. We can offer shorter and longer policy forum formats, please get in touch if you would like to discuss these.

International Policy Engagement

CSaP can also develop Pathways to Impact plans for research grants where researchers wish to engage with policy makers internationally. We can provide costings for Policy Fellows to be recruited from other countries, and to deliver Policy Workshops in other countries as well. Costs for international Policy Fellows and Policy Workshops will vary depending on the scope of the project, please contact us to discuss further if this is of interest.

These activities and others can be planned by CSaP with researchers when writing grant applications. For more information, and details about the costs involved, please contact Lauren Milden or Nicola Buckley.