Working Paper Series

CSaP's multidisciplinary series aims to stimulate discussions and improve public policy


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Working Paper Series

CSaP's Working Paper Series invites academics, researchers, practitioners, and policy professionals to publish papers that aim to stimulate discussions and improve public policy.

Many researchers and policy practitioners have innovative ideas which can lead to decisive and beneficial policy actions across a range of policy areas. Our Working Paper Series features leading research and projects in the fields of science and policy, and provides a resource for our workshops and seminars.


This series provides a platform to share new insights and recommendations for public policy. We welcome submissions that are work-in-progress. It could be research not yet ready for an academic journal, or a collection of policy studies that still need some work and development. You can read the submission guidelines for the working papers here. You can download the cover page and executive summary page templates for the working papers here.

If you would like to submit your paper to the CSaP Working Paper Series, please contact Professor Magda Osman, CSaP's Head of Research and Analysis, at


The copyright of a working paper in this series is held by the author. Downloadable copies of working papers in this series will be removed from the CSaP website if and when authors indicate that they are publishing the paper elsewhere. Once a paper has been published elsewhere (i.e. in an academic journal), it should be cited it in its final, published version, rather than in its Working Paper version. It is the responsibility of authors to notify CSaP of the removal of the working paper if it is published elsewhere.

To view the papers in this series, please click here.