Our Network

A unique community of academics and policy makers

CSaP's network spans all disciplines from the physical, engineering and life sciences to the humanities, arts and social sciences, connecting people from government, academia, industry and civil society.

Since it was founded in 2009, CSaP has spun out a remarkable network of experts and decision makers in public policy. More than 1000 academics and other experts are drawn from all departments and disciplines across the University, and indeed from other UK universities and local businesses.

While the Centre continues to play a key role as convenor and facilitator, it's the network that represents the real difference: a unique community of academics and policy makers collaborating in an innovative environment, building relationships based on understanding, respect and trust.

Joining our network provides a focus for researchers to meet and work together, and an opportunity to meet relevant Policy Fellows when they visit Cambridge.

If you are a researcher, and interested in meeting our Policy Fellows when they visit Cambridge, please contact the Policy Fellowships team: policyfellowsteam@csap.cam.ac.uk.