Diana Garnham - Influencing science policy: Headlines alone are not enough

4 November 2011, 1pm


Speaker: Diana Garnham, Chief Executive of the Science Council

This seminar will explore the difference between communications and public affairs work and the different skills and strategies required to be successful in each.

It will highlight the need for the science community to understand the different environments of the media, Parliament, Whitehall and the public communication and to develop the skills base for influencing effectively in these environments.

Drawing on some examples it will also look at the need to know and understand the concerns and positions of other players and identify some campaigns that had good headlines but poor policy follow through.

A report of this seminar can be found here.


These seminars aim to bring together a diverse range of individuals from the humanities as well as social and natural sciences to discuss the public policy implications of their work and research.

They will take place on Fridays in the Department of Engineering on Trumpington Street in Lecture Room 4 from 1-2pm, throughout the Michaelmas term.

Each talk will last 25-30 minutes and will be followed by open discussion.

Diana Garnham

The Science Council London

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    Influencing Science Policy: Headlines Alone are Not Enough

    From climate change to stem cell research, science policy plays an important and controversial role in modern politics, scientific research and media. As part of the Cambridge Public Policy Seminar Series, Diana Garnham discussed how scientists can best influence science policy.