Miles Elsden - Science advice in emergencies

13 May 2011


Speaker: Dr Miles Elsden, Head of Civil Contingencies, Health and Biotechnology Teams, Government Office for Science (GO-Science)

These seminars aim to bring together a diverse range of academics from the humanities, social and natural sciences, engineering and technology to discuss the public policy implications of their research.

The talks, which are held on Fridays from 1 - 2pm, take place in Cambridge University's Engineering Department (CUED). Each talk lasts for 25 - 30 minutes and is followed by open discussion.

Cambridge Public Policy Seminars are open to all. The next seminar in the series will take place on Friday 13 May in Lecture Room 6.

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Other lectures in this series include:

Judging Nudging - Can Nudging Improve Population Health?: 20 May 2011

Professor Theresa Marteau, Director of the Policy Research Unit on Behaviour and Health, University of Cambridge.

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The Hidden Impacts of Delay - a case of large infrastructure development: 27 May 2011

Judith Plummer, Senior Financial Analyst with the World Bank and PhD student, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.

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For more information, on the Cambridge Public Policy Seminar Series, please contact Dr Miranda Gomperts.

Dr Miles Elsden

University of York