Innovative climate risk assessment

15 June 2017, 4pm


Banner image credit: Asian Bank Development

A CSaP Policy Workshop led by Dr Emily Shuckburgh, British Antarctic Survey, with Professor Ian Leslie, Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and Dr Mukesh Kumar, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge.

15 June 2017, Murray Edwards College Cambridge

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the potential for longer term research initiatives at Cambridge to develop data science methods for more useful climate risk assessments.

The resilience and sustainability of entities, whether businesses, supply chains, financial systems or national economies, can be impacted by climate change in complex ways. A multi-centre partnership in Cambridge has been prototyping novel ways to provide climate risk assessments, and this workshop will present the initial results and explore how the methodology could be expanded out to apply to a broad range of applications.

Attendance at this workshop is by invitation only. For more information, please email events@csap.cam.ac.uk

CSaP Policy Workshops

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