Environmental Land Management

14 January 2019, 4pm


This policy workshop brought together policy makers, academics, and industry experts to explore what is needed to design and implement a new Environmental Land Management system after the UK leaves the European Union.

This system will pay for the provision of environmental public goods in lieu of a market. It will be up to land managers to decide what types of goods they want to produce, in what proportion and how they do this. For this approach to be consistent with delivering the benefits which citizens want – nationally and locally – there are challenges to develop a new approach to how we value and price environmental public goods. By bringing together a broad range of experts, we can begin to address the big questions currently faced by policy makers such as:

  • How do we understand the benefits we gain from the natural environment – in particular extending to health, wellbeing, recreation, leisure, spiritual and other vital, but hard to value, benefits?
  • How do we use this to practically assign values for different environmental goods and services, in particular places, times and contexts?
  • How do we use these values to determine what we should pay for those goods, in particular places, times and contexts, to make the most of the limited funds available?
A summary report of the workshop will be available here shortly.
Banner image from Daniel Taylor via Creative Commons CC0 1.0
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    Developing a new approach to how we value and price environmental public goods

    CSaP worked with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs to organise a Policy Workshop to explore the challenges associated with the design of England’s new Environmental Land Management system, which will come into effect after the UK leaves the European Union.