Policy Workshop: Robotics, Autonomous Systems and AI in Safety-Critical Applications

11 July 2023


Image: Robot arm handling test tubes; Credit: kynny via Getty Images

Policy Workshop on robotics, autonomous systems and AI in safety-critical applications

CSaP has been working to support the University of York’s Assuring Autonomy International Programme (AAIP), part of the Institute for Safe Autonomy, through a series of workshops held between mid-May and July 2023.

The purpose of the workshops was to discuss how academics, policy makers, and regulators can work together to solve some of the policy and regulatory issues caused by the deployment of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) in safety-critical systems applications.

The workshops were designed to facilitate ways in which policy makers and regulators:

  • Share current evidence and learning to help showcase best practice in tackling safety issues that arise from RAS in safety-critical systems
  • Hear from academics, to better understand cutting edge research on RAS employed in safety-critical systems
  • Set research agendas to help guide future research questions, so that the evidence and advice can better target the needs of policymakers and regulators
A summary report of the workshop is available to download here.