Alice Jin

Student at Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge

MEng Chemical Engineering
Alice is a fourth-year student at the Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge. She is currently the Deputy Editor for the Handbook of Pandemic Management, a student-initiated project that works with students, academics, and industry professionals with the aim of disseminating accurate and detailed information about various aspects of Pandemic Management, ranging from socioeconomic policies and vaccine research, to innovative engineering and digital communication strategies.
In the past few months, it's become clearer that digital methods of public engagement and communication often draw a fine line between success and absolute failure. In her role of Rapporteur for the Christ's College Climate Lecture series 2021, Alice is keen to explore more on whether all countries can stand to benefit from the use of more digital methods, how to implement these methods to achieve more gain over detriment, and whose responsibility it is to initiate the movement.