Professor Andrew Challinor

Professor of Climate Impacts; Programme Manager for MSc Climate System Science at University of Leeds


Professor Andy Challinor's research focusses principally on using climate modelling and process studies to understand food production and food security, treatments of uncertainty and managing risk, and climate-resilient pathways and adaptation.

His aim is to contribute significantly to the knowledge and policy base for sustainably strengthening the food security and health of populations vulnerable to climate variability and change. He does this by working with experts in a range of disciplines, from epidemiologists and ecologists to social scientists and economists. He also endeavours to communicate work in his field, for example through advising on The Rough Guide to Climate Change, speaking at public events and being interviewed on the radio.

Professional roles

He is a Lead Author on the 'Food Production Systems and Food Security' chapter of the forthcoming Fifth Assessment report of the IPCC and co-investigator on: