Anna McIvor

at Transition Cambridge


Anna McIvor is the founder of local business Our Earth. She was previously based in the Department of Geography, Cambridge, where she worked on the EU RISC-KIT project looking at strategies for managing coastal flooding across a range of European sites. Previously, she has worked for The Nature Conservancy, based in the Department of Geography, Cambridge University, looking at the potential benefits of using ecosystems in coastal defence alongside engineered structures.

Anna is the Chairperson for Transition Cambridge, and involved in several projects such as a community garden, Greeniversity and Transition cafe. Anna is also a facilitator of occasional Work that Reconnects workshops, as created by Joanna Macy.

  • 18 March 2015, 6pm

    Connectivity and flows in future cities

    CSaP, the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment, and the Energy@Cambridge Initiative are co-hosting a Science Festival evening event where a panel of distinguished speakers will talk about their vision for a sustainable city and how increased connectivity and the flow of resources, people and energy could help to shape cities in the future.