Dr Chiara Giorio

Atmospheric Chemistry Lecturer at Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge


Chiara Giorio is Atmospheric Chemistry Lecturer in the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge where she leads her own research group. Research in the Giorio’s group is focused on exploring the present and the past of the Earth’s atmosphere and covers areas including atmospheric chemistry, paleoclimate, indoor/outdoor air quality, and greenhouse gases emissions. In Cambridge, Chiara Giorio is part of the Centre for Atmospheric Science, Cambridge Centre for Climate Science, and Centre for Landscape Regeneration. She is also member of the HEICCAM (Health and Equity Impacts of Climate ChAnge Mitigation measures on indoor and outdoor air pollution exposure) innovation research network and recipient of the 2021 RSC Environment, Sustainability and Energy Division Early Career Award for research on the environmental fate of systemic pesticides, influencing global pesticide regulation for sustainable agriculture.