Dr Chih-Chun Chen

Research Associate at Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge

Research Associate, Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge

Chih-Chun Chen is a Research Associate at the Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge. She is currently working with Dr Nathan Crilly on the IdEAS Project, with a focus on how to address the challenges associated with interdisciplinary communication and knowledge sharing. She is also a co-founder of the Cambridge Coding Academy, which aims to make technology education available to people from all backgrounds, through a combination of workshops and free online tutorials.

Chih-Chun studied a BSc in Psychology with Philosophy at the University of Oxford, before undertaking an MSc and PhD in Computer Science at University College London. She has previously worked for Microsoft Research Cambridge, Yahoo!, and e-Skills UK. Her research interests include systems biology, behavioural finance, and machine learning. She has presented papers at several conferences, including the Design Research Society Conference, and has been published in journals including BMC Systems Biology, and Research in Engineering Design.