Dr Clare Dyer-Smith

Programme Manager at Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Coordinator, Cambridge Big Data

As coordinator of the Cambridge Big Data Strategic Research Initiative, Dr Dyer-Smith supports a broad community of researchers from over 50 departments of the University and in related institutes such as the EBI. The Initiative is aimed providing a focus for research in the use of large and/or complex datasets from across the natural and social sciences, and in fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

Her responsibilities include identifying opportunities for cross-disciplinary research, helping researchers to find collaborators, organising events and workshops, managing communications including a website and fortnightly newsletter, and supporting the Steering Committee of the Initiative. She also assists in the preparation of large cross-disciplinary funding proposals, and brokers relationships between Cambridge academics and external stakeholders from business, government and the third sector. Dr Dyer-Smith has previously worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the field of ultrafast spectroscopy at the Max Plank Institute and as an energy adviser at the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology.