Daniela Krug

Managing Director at Building Intellect Ltd

Managing Director, Building Intellect Ltd

Daniela Krug is the Managing Director of Building Intellect, which delivers research and design for the built environment. Building Intellect’s recent work includes a sustainability report on offsite manufacturing, an analysis of England’s housing market, and an interactive mapping tool showing housing demand and supply. This work provided the foundation for the Offsite Housing Review, commissioned by government to consider how offsite manufacturing can help maximise the house building potential in England.

Daniela holds an MPhil from Cambridge University, where she researched the sustainability potential of off-site manufacturing. While studying, she acted as President of Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE). CUE run one of the most successful student-led business creation competitions in the world. Daniela also worked with two start-ups that reached seven figure valuations within their first year of inception.

Her business plans and innovative environmental design won awards, and her works received national media coverage.