Dr David Aldridge

Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology at Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge


David's work focuses on applied freshwater ecology, with a particular emphasis on bivalve molluscs. His particular interests are the conservation of rare species and threatened ecosystems, the biology and control of invasive species, and the use of biological processes to develop sustainable remediation and monitoring programmes for degraded waterbodies. A considerable part of his work involves collaboration with the water industry, government agencies and NGOs, and these collaborations provide a significant part of his research funding. While the end-points of my work often have important applications, his research is driven by an enthusiasm for addressing fundamental questions in pure biology and ecology.

He is director and co-founder of BioBullets Ltd., a company that has developed a novel and environmentally-friendly way of controlling some of the world’s biggest aquatic pests. He currently has collaborative projects running in Europe, North America, South America, Bangladesh and China.