Dr David Simmonds

Director at David Simmonds Consultancy Limited

Director, David Simmonds Consultancy Limited

David Simmonds studied Town and Country Planning at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and the use of mathematical models in urban planning for his PhD at the University of Cambridge. During the 1980s he worked for the London Transport Executive as an Economic Analyst, and for Marcial Echenique & Partners as a consultant and subsequently as Technical Director.

In 1990 David left ME&P to set up David Simmonds Consultancy, particularly to develop and apply improved methods of forecasting the interactions between land-use, transport and the economy. This led to the development first of the DSCMOD approach and, in 1995, to the first version of the DELTA package. David has since directed a wide range of DELTA-based projects including forecasts used in public inquiries for Edinburgh Congestion Charging and the M74 completion, and work for the Eddington Study. He has also been responsible for a numerous other studies including contributions to the SACTRA report on Transport and the Economy.

  • 14 November 2017, 5:30pm

    Can you handle the truth? Facts, figures and communicating uncertainty

    Chaired and hosted by Sir David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk in the Statistical Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, guest speakers include: Sir David Norgrove, Chair of the UK Statistics Authority; and Amanda Farnsworth, Head of Visual and Data Journalism, BBC News.