Dr Florian Hollfelder

at Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

University Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

Florian Hollfelder was educated at the Technical University of Berlin (Diplom-Chemiker) and Cambridge University (MPhil). After a formative stay at Stanford (with Dan Herschlag) on free-energy relationships in enzymes) he joined Tony Kirby’s group at the Chemistry Department of Cambridge University working on enzyme models and physical-organic chemistry. During his PhD he also collaborated with Dan Tawfik (on the mechanism and evaluation of model enzymes such as catalytic antibodies). His postdoctoral work at Harvard Medical School (with Chris T. Walsh) was concerned with the biosynthesis and action of the natural antibiotic microcin B17.

In 2001 he returned to Cambridge to start his own research group in the Biochemistry Department. The group’s research centres around quantitative and mechanistic questions at the chemistry/biology interface, involving low- and high-throughput approaches.

Florian is Director of Studies and Graduate Mentor at Trinity Hall. He is coordinator of several EU-funded transnational collaborative initiatives, e.g. the EU New and Emerging Science and Technology project MiFem on biological experiments in microdroplet reactors, and Marie-Curie networks on directed evolution of functional proteins (ENEFP) and on protein-protein interactions (ProSA).