Dr Gabrielle Cliff Hodges

Senior Lecturer in Education at Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Senior Lecturer in Education, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Dr Gabrielle Cliff Hodges taught in three 11-18 comprehensive schools in Cambridgeshire, in the last as Head of English, before moving into teacher education at Homerton College in 1993 and subsequently the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education in 2001. She co-ordinates and teaches on the Secondary English PGCE course, as well as contributing to the MEd in Researching Practice and MPhil in Critical Approaches to Children's Literature.

Gabrielle is an Executive Council member of the United Kingdom Literacy Association. She is also active in the National Association for the Teaching of English as a member of the Initial Teacher Education Committee. She was Chair of NATE from 1996-8 during which time she was centrally involved in national debates about the teaching of English and literacy and thefuture of English as a curriculum subject.

Her recent research has focused on students' development as readers and aims to discover more about the social and intellectual processes involved. She is interested in students' own views about what motivates and supports their development as committed, habitual readers who read for a variety of purposes and pleasures, both within and beyond the context of school. She is also a member of the interdisciplinary team working on the wREPLACE research project exploring children's place-based identities through reading and writing.