Dr Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa

at Department of Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge

Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge

Prof. Dr. Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa is Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Slavonic Studies, MML, University of Cambridge. Since 2015 Galina also works as the Dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Head of Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Russian State Social University in Moscow. She has taught socio-political research methods, quantitative methods for political science, methods of political analysis and prognosis; politics, culture, society, identity in the West and East, cultural space of Europe, history of civilizations, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Galina's research interests primarily concern cyberspace, cybercommunication and cyberinformation society; internet and politics, socio-political trends, the intersections of new technologies, social media and internet-mediated communication with political trends, civil society and social movement development, discursive practices of national identity, the Big Data in political analysis and prognosis, social media mining, online identity analysis, social network analysis, leaders’ detection.

Her research focuses on topic such as the internetization of the political and socio-cultural space in Russia, the internet as a political institute and the institualization of the internet in the frame of the neo-intuitionalism theory.

Recent and forthcoming publications include:

(2018) Big Data analysis of young citizens’ social and political behaviour and resocialization technics. Internet psychology. Springer.

(2018) ‘Socio-Political Insider’ system: promises and limitations for the political analysis and prognosis. PolitBook. 1.

(2018) The youth and youth policy in the UK (Molodiozh and molodiozhnaia politika v Britanii: post-Brexit view) in Contemporary Europe. 1.

(2017) Leadership and leaders of social movement. Demokratizatsiya. 25 (1)

(2016) Internet and ideological movements in Russia (Internet i ideologicheskie dvizheniia v Rossii), with Emil Pain, the NLO (New Literary Observer) Publishing House, 2016 http://www.nlobooks.ru/node/6703