Glenn Woodcock

Director, Global City Futures at Exeter City Futures

Director, Oxygen House
Director, Global City Futures
Continuing Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

Glenn Woodcock has 25 years of experience as a banker and venture capitalist, including seven years as Group Head of Credit Risk Infrastructure and Regulatory Reporting, Royal Bank of Scotland (2001-08). Over the last five years, his role has sat at the overlap between the public and private sectors. He built one of the UK’s most significant edtech companies, Sparx, where he recently moved to non-exec to become CEO of Global City Futures. He has publicly committed, with the politicians and executives of Exeter City Council, to make Exeter (their first deployment city) energy-independent and congestion-free.

Global City Futures works directly with city and institutional leaders to diagnose and deliver immediate, positive and lasting urban transformation. It is a consultancy that partners with local authorities and institutional leaders to co-create lasting solutions to urbanisation and establish sustainable, 21st Century cities. They offer change management, data analytics, innovation, finance and professional services that help define the challenges of urbanisation and deliver tailored, people-centric solutions and reshaped business models that result in long term impact.