Professor Ian Boyd

Director, Scottish Oceans Institute at University of St Andrews


Chief Scientific Adviser, Defra

Director, Scottish Oceans Institute and NERC Sea Mammal Research Unit

Ian Boyd was appointed Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in May 2012. He is Professor in Biology at the University of St Andrews and Director of the Scottish Oceans Institute and the NERC Sea Mammal Research Unit. Ian will replace Sir Bob Watson at Defra in September 2012.

He has been chairman of the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland and was Chief Executive of SMRU Ltd. His research field is in marine ecology with a specialisation in marine mammals and he has gained awards for his research in polar science, zoology and marine science. He led a UK research programme in Antarctica for 14 years, has led several international research projects as chief scientist, and he is an adviser to the Government about issues concerning marine management.

Ian has degrees from the Universities of Aberdeen and Cambridge, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and a member of the Scottish Science Advisory Council. He has also served on two inquiries in to the future of Scottish fisheries and chairs a Scientific Advisory Board on offshore decommissioning for Oil and Gas UK.