ilian iliev

Managing Director at EMV Capital Ltd

CEO & co-founder, Cambridge IP

Cambridge IP offers a range of products and services meeting the IP intelligence needs of the technology sector. Their clients range in size from blue chip corporations to individual inventors. Uses of our work include: rapid patent search delivery, customised patent map development, informing freedom to operate decisions, developing IPR strategies and helping with sustainable intellectual property management. Ilian Iliev works with clients in the life sciences, energy and telecom sectors.

Prior to CambridgeIP Ilian was a co-founder of an award-winning medical diagnostics university startup. Since 2001 Ilian has also provided strategic advice to blue chip companies and technology companies and startups. He has advised on innovation policy in the UK, South Africa and Bulgaria.

Ilian is an Associate Fellow at Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs), a regular contributor to the Licensing Executive Society and has published widely in both academic and business media on the topics of innovation finance, science-industry technology transfer, service sector innovation and technology policy.