Joseph Young

Senior Policy Advisor and Team Leader, International Economic Policy Team at Cabinet Office, National Security Secretariat


Senior Policy Advisor and Team Leader, International Economic Policy Team, Cabinet Office, National Security Secretariat

Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

Joe Young works across priority economic diplomacy and foreign policy issues in the CO International Economic Unit. He currently leads the economic statecraft team, which seeks to leverage economic tools and build alliances to support foreign policy and multilateral objectives. In recent years he has worked at the heart of the UK’s G7 and COP26 presidencies where he was responsible for key areas of policy development, diplomatic strategy and negotiations. Recent portfolios have included macro-economy, climate-energy, food-agriculture, digital-technology, infrastructure-development, trade-supply chains and global health. In these roles he has covered both G7 industrialised economies and G20 emerging markets, including representing at various G7 and G20 summits. His roles have meant bringing together policy and diplomatic responsibilities for both thematic and geographic areas: working on the design of effective public policy and on influencing international partners to cooperate on these. Prior to this he spent a number of years in FCDO, both at Embassies and in Whitehall. He graduated from Downing College, Cambridge, where he topped his course, focusing on the geopolitics of globalisation, patterns of international economic development and the political ecology of 21C environmental change