Katherine Riggs

Chief Executive Officer at Thames Skills Academy

Chief Executive Officer, Thames Skills Academy
Policy Fellow Alumna, Centre for Science and Policy

Katherine Riggs is the Chief Executive Officer of Thames Skills Academy, a Group Training Association which supports employers in the Port of London.

Previously, Katherine was Director of the Thames Vision Project, leading the 12-month project to shape a vision for the River Thames over the next 20 years, covering all its aspects – economic, social and environmental. Before joining Port of London she was head of Defra’s Strategy and Implementation Unit, creating Defra’s ten-point growth plan to embed the Government’s economic development agenda; developing an overarching strategy for biosecurity, covering animal and plant health; and preparing the department for the 2015 General Election. Previous Government policy roles have included developing and implementing the EU rural development programme; sponsoring the Foresight Global Food Sustainability report; and at the FCO, representing the UK at EU negotiations on agriculture.

Katherine holds a degree in environmental science and a PhD in soil chemistry; her career has used this analytical background to apply to policy roles. Her objectives for the Policy Fellowship are to explore with academics how to take a wider context into account in policy making development and decisions. In particular, she is keen to explore how to take fuller account of longer-term developments in short-term decision-making and how best to take full account of non-economic factors.