Dr Koen Jonkers

Editor-in-Chief at Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Editor-in-Chief, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Policy Fellow Alumnus, Centre for Science and Policy

Dr Koen Jonkers is the Editor-in-Chief of the Joint Research Centre, the research institutes of the European Commission which inform all EU policy fields with scientific advice from a broad range of scientific discipline. In his current role Koen is responsible, together with the JRC Editorial Review Board for assessing all JRC research reports and scientific articles.

Koen previously worked as Deputy Head of Unit of Knowledge for Growth, Finance and Innovation unit of DG JRC. This included large projects on the changing nature of jobs and skills in the digital age, China's innovation system and Higher Education in Europe. The unit works to provide country analyses of the European Member States on selected economic topics to provides inputs to policy DGs involved in the European Semester process.

Before joining DG JRC, Koen worked at the CSIC Institute for Public Goods and Policies in Madrid, Spain and made 50+ publications on topics related to Scientific Mobility, Highly Skilled Migration, Scientific Careers, Research Collaboration, Public Funding of R&D, the Sociology of Research Organisations, scientometrics and various other topics in the field of research and innovation studies as well as China studies. In addition to a PhD from the European University Institute, he holds a research master in political studies and international relations from the University of Birmingham, an MSc in Science and Technology Studies from the University of Amsterdam and an engineering (MSc) degree in Biotechnology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.