Liz Williams

President 2012 at Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC)

2012 President, Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC)

As President of the 4000-strong Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC), Liz Williams was responsible for budgeting and management, and for organising events leading up to the 9th Annual Technology Ventures Conference in June 2012. She led the Executive Committee and the five Vice Presidents of the sponsorship, logistics, external relations, content and marketing teams. She also headed up the development of relationships with external partners to continue the successful growth of entrepreneurial spirit amongst academics and students, and the creation of a platform through which entrepreneurially minded students can see their ideas turn into successful start-ups.

Her presidential vision for CUTEC is to springboard more young entrepreneurs towards their goal by providing a support network via the “Start-Up Lab”. She also aims to provide training, skills building and introductions for CUTEC members as well as continuing to build strong relationships with sponsors and partners to create, connect and inspire future entrepreneurs.

Her appetite for business was fuelled by her participation in the 'Emerging Ventures Technology' course, looking at the market potential of novel applications of Plastic Electronics for healthcare. Liz is passionate about the application of organic chemistry to solve global issues, such as renewable sources for fuels, batteries and sustainable plastics. Liz is keen to focus her career on uniting chemistry and business to provide much-needed solutions to today's growing population requirements.

Liz is working towards a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry with Professor Ian Paterson on the synthesis of novel analogues of dictyostatin as potent anticancer treatments.