Dr Louise Lafortune

at Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge

Scientific Coordinator, NIHR School of Public Health Research, University of Cambridge

Louise Lafortune is a Scientific Coordinator of the Ageing Well Programme for the NIHR School of Public Health Research, University of Cambridge. Through analysing health and social care data and reviewing current practise on preventative interventions, her work aims to increase and improve the evidence base for cost effective health interventions in frail older people. Louise also co-leads the pilot testing of an evaluation tool for Age Friendly City initiatives, and is working on a community project that aims to reduce dementia in later life.

Louise holds a dual PhD in Public Health, option health services research, from University of Montreal (Canada) and University of Paris IX; a Master of Neurosciences from McGill University and nine years of industry experience in pharmacoeconomics and clinical research. Her doctoral dissertation looked at the relationship between health status and cost of health and social services in frail elderly people; her work in the industry focused on treatment of chronic diseases.