Dr Louise Sime

Palaeoclimate Modeller at British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

Palaeoclimate Modeller, British Antarctic Survey

Dr Louise Sime is a Palaeoclimate Modeller at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). She is a permanent NERC British Antarctic Survey research scientist, working on ice core and Quaternary climate science. Much of her research focuses on understanding ice core observations by using water isotope in climate models. Stable water isotopes (deuterium and oxygen-18) in ice record represent a key long-term proxy record of temperature. Using the stable water isotope enable Met Office Hadley CentreHadAM3 model can help us better understand the climate information encoded in these records.

Her other scientific interests include developing new numerical methods to try help us understand: where to drill cores; how to sample the cores; why we might need several ice cores in any one region; and automatic (image analysis) methods for deriving quantitative ice age information from ice radar data.