Dr Lydia Smith

Head of Innovation Farm and the Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub at National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB)


Head of NIAB Innovation Farm and the Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub

Dr Lydia Smith joined NIAB in 1997 and initially had a broad remit to expand research across NIAB. She then established and ran the Novel and Non Food Crops area, which remains an important part of NIAB’s work. A plant ecologist by training, with a particular interest in reclamation of damaged or contaminated land to agricultural or amenity use, Dr Smith has extensive experience in plant microbial interactions and in the application of ecological principles to the farming environment. Her experience naturally spans academic and commercial research in the agricultural crop sector, Lydia has a particular interest in diversification of farm species and has sought to foster interaction with both academics and business within the East of England. Soil quality structure and function is a major part of activity within current non-food crop research.