Ms Marie-Anne Mackenzie



Director, Manufacturing and Materials

Marie-Anne heads a team responsible for developing approaches that will help create conditions for business success in manufacturing, materials and engineering sectors. This includes delivery of the government’s manufacturing strategy and seeking out further policy approaches to support manufacturing sectors in the medium to long term. The team also coordinates involvement on wider technology issues, including nanotechnology, across the Department for Business and Regulatory Reform.

She has extensive experience of working with business, government departments and regulators including:

  • Six years promoting better regulation – ensuring that new and existing legislation, and the way it is implemented and enforced, were effective whilst also having the lowest possible cost for business.
  • Three years representing the UK at European and international discussions on chemical safety regimes.
  • Two years acting as a voice in government for entrepreneurs and small business to improve the impact of regulation on small businesses ability to start, grow and employ staff.
  • 28 April 2011

    Science on the Inside

    A joint event between CSaP and GO Science which will bring together scientists and policy professionals to explore the increasing impact of science on policy from the perspective of practitioners.