Dr Matthew Davey

Senior Research Associate at Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge


Dr Matt Davey specialises in algal physiology, innovation and ecology. His research interests are in the diversity and plasticity of metabolic traits, especially in extreme habitats. Using a translational approach, he is applying the unique techniques and expertise he has developed in these ecosystems to produce sustainable and innovative solutions in the bio-economy.

He has carried out research and supervision on a wide range of algal topics from the ecology of snow algae in Antarctica, remote sensing polar algae blooms, using algae for bioenergy, bioremediation, pigments and food production on earth across all continents to exploiting algae to help astronauts on long term space missions. He also leads the EU EIT-Food international algae biotechnology training courses across Europe.

From May 2020, Dr Davey will be joining the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), as a Senior Lecturer https://www.sams.ac.uk/people/researchers/davey-dr-matthew/ in algal biotechnology and metabolic ecology (matt.davey@sams.ac.uk).

He will remain part-time at the University of Cambridge as a Senior Research Associate working with Prof. Alison Smith https://www.plantsci.cam.ac.uk/research/alisonsmith https://data.plantsci.cam.ac.uk/PlantMet/.

Dr Davey is currently working on a Leverhulme Resaerch project to study snow algae in Antarctica awarded to Prof. Alison Smith. Until 2020 he managed the University of Cambridge Algal Innovation Centre and the Department of Plant Sciences Analytical Biochemistry Facility. He supervises PhD students in the algal biotechnology and ecology arena. He has also recently completed working on two large EU projects to study algal growth (EnAlgae and DEMA). He has recent success in being awarded a number of business innovation and interaction grants from NERC, BBSRC, PHYCONET, Algae-UK and the EU EIT-Food KIC in plant and algal bioenergy, biotechnology and sustainable bioactive production. He works with a large number of international collaborators in Ghana, Uganda and India within the Global Challenge Research Fund. He also collaborates with the British Antarctic Survey to study the growth and chemical composition of terrestrial algae and other plants within the Antarctic environment.

Further information about the Algal Innovation Centre can be found here: https://www.cambplants.group.cam.ac.uk/cambridge-bioenergy-initiative/AIC