Michael Cahn

Co-ordinator at Cambridge Cycling Campaign

Co-ordinator, Cambridge Cycling Campaign

Michael Cahn has spent the last five years in Los Angeles where he was involved in numerous bicycle organisations, working with schools on bike education and encouragement programmes as well as bike advocacy. He is a League Cycling Instructor and has attended courses on bike planning. He is originally from Germany but has lived in Cambridge since 1990.

His aims for the next year of the Cambridge Cycle Campaign include:

  • integrating schools and pupils into their bike advocacy work
  • improving governance structures so that the Campaign can effectively supervise an employee
  • using the Travel to Work programme to integrate bike education into employer transportation plans
  • working with both universities to offer bike education for students and employees
  • working with local academics so that bike-relevant research from Cambridge can be brought to a local audience to try to achieve a steady flow of scientific bike news
  • working with the legal profession to pressure organisations of professional drivers in Cambridge (taxi, bus, etc.) to improve the skills of their drivers to drive safely among cyclists, with the potential threat that, after a future crash involving one of their drivers, the firm itself (and not only the driver) could be held liable for failing to better educate their drivers
  • working towards a public celebration of cycling so that politicians understand better that the public are on their side when they make decisions which will affect car drivers negatively (bike fest, bike pins/lapel badges, exhibition about the history of cycling in Cambridge etc.).