Dr Michal Kosinski


Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Dr Michal Kosinski is Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Previously he was the Deputy Director of The Psychometrics Centre and the Leader of the e-Psychometrics Unit and a research consultant at Microsoft Research. He combines a solid psychological background with extensive skills in the areas of Machine Learning, data mining, and programming.

His research focused on the digital environment and encompasses the relationship between digital footprint and psychological traits, crowd-sourcing platforms, auctioning platforms, and on-line psychometrics.

He co-ordinates the myPersonality project, which involves global collaboration between over 80 research teams analysing the detailed psycho-demographic profiles of over 8 million Facebook users. Michal is currently leading a team developing Concerto: an open-source on-line adaptive assessment platform, and applymagicsauce.com: an automated online service which translates digital footprint into psycho-demographic profiles.