Dr Michele Mastroeni


Former Senior Analyst, Innovation and Technology Policy Research Team, RAND Europe

Dr Michele Mastroeni was a Senior Analyst in the Innovation and Technology Policy Research team at RAND Europe, where he worked in the area of innovation systems and related policy. His expertise includes national, regional, and sector-based innovation systems.

Before joining RAND Europe, he was an Innogen Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, where he worked on projects to develop innovation policy approaches and strategy, innovation in the life sciences, and developing new business models and value chain analysis for emerging technologies. He has also conducted research on skills policy and R&D strategy in knowledge-based industries, and venture capital and risk finance for high technology start-up and spin-off firms.

Before moving to the UK, Dr Mastroeni was a senior policy advisor for the Ministry of Research and Innovation in Ontario, Canada, where he managed research funding programmes targeting local universities and research institutes, as well as provided policy advice on various issues. He has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Toronto.