Michelle Golder

Writer, Producer at Pivotal

Writer, Producer, Pivotal

Michelle Golder is a scriptwriter and filmmaker. She is a member of Pivotal, a group of artists and event organisers who work to encourage positive change to protect the environment and create a more balanced world. She studied English Literature in California and New Zealand and pursued an MA in Recreation and Leisure at Victoria University in New Zealand. While there she taught study skills and essay/thesis writing and sub-edited the New Zealand Journal of Industrial Relations Research.

Since moving to Cambridge she has founded the scriptwriting forum WRiTEON and she was one of the original members of the Cambridge Wordfest company (now Cambridge Literary Festival). Her scripts have been produced on stage, radio and film and most recently she co-produced both an original feature by Hollywood director Gary Walkow.

The idea of Pivotal is to encourage people to embrace positive change through events which combine the arts with top thinkers in the areas of environmental and social change.


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