Dr Molly Anderson

Strategic Evidence Manager at Environment Agency (England)

Strategic Evidence Manager for the Environment Agency.
Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

Dr Molly Anderson has over 15 years experience working in the fields of climate change and water, specialising in commissioning, steering and using evidence to influence operational and policy decisions. Dr Anderson now works directly with the Environment Agency’s Chief Scientist, providing a focus for the Environment Agency’s strategic evidence, identifying where the agency needs to carry out forward-looking research and analysis to anticipate and respond to tomorrow’s environmental and societal issues. Dr Anderson's work helps direct the organisation’s corporate priorities; underpinning its authoritative voice and driving its external collaborations and partnerships and ensuring that evidence is at the heart of the organisation.

Dr Anderson has previously worked on the national Climate Change Risk Assessment and the UK Climate Change projections. In her roles in policy she has worked on topics such as emerging energy technologies, energy efficiency, emissions trading and climate change adaptation.

Dr Molly Anderson completed her PhD in High Energy Physics at the University of Manchester where she also spent two years in Hamburg working on an international experiment. Before that she completed her undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Sussex.

  • 21 October 2021, 3pm

    CSaP annual meeting & reception 2021

    On 21 October 2021, CSaP hosted its first in-person networking event since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The annual meeting and reception, held at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, provided an opportunity for 115 public policy professionals, industry leaders, and researchers to meet and share their experiences to improve decision-making.

  • In news articles

    The challenges facing the environment and society

    Dr Molly Anderson led the final session of CSaP’s seminar series on government’s use of data, science, and evidence. Using her perspective of working in the Environment Agency’s Chief Scientist’s Group, she discussed the concept of reflexivity and the crucial role it could play in tackling current environmental challenges.